Seasonal Product

Northern Ontario’s climate is considered continental.  We celebrate four distinctive seasons.  Spring and Summer bring longer, warm days.  With our proximity to water our days are less humid and more comfortable than other areas.  The fall brings the changing of the leaves on the trees, cooler temperatures and our beautiful forests are transformed with the reds, oranges and yellows that mark this season.  Traditional winters in the north come complete with snowfall that offer a plethora of winter activities.  With the size of our geography our weather does vary across the region.   The wonder and changing of our seasons are embraced by travelers and locals alike.


Spring / Summer

Spring awakens our landscapes and prepares us for our warm weather where we can enjoy warm summer days and comfortable evenings. Spring and summer are popular travel seasons for tourists who enjoy all of the activities and attractions Northern Ontario has to offer.

Average Temperatures

Spring: 65 F / 20C to 85 F / 30 C
Summer: 65 F / 20C to 85 F / 30 C

Fall / Winter

In the fall, our landscapes become filled with epic colours marking the end of summer. Touring is extremely popular in the fall because of north's unique topography, beautiful views and the intense colour we enjoy. In winter, the temperature drops in Northern Ontario and a white winter playground envelopes our beautiful geography. Winter visitors take part in many outdoor events and sports that are synonymous with snowfall.

Average Temperatures

Fall: 65 F / 20C to 85℉ / 30℃
Winter: 65 F / 20C to 85 F / 30 C